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Showcasing our Craft: Inspiring Landscaping Projects

All Irrigation Landscape Maintenance

BKM Business Complex

About Project Welcome to our showcase featuring the transformation of the BKM Business Complex. Located in [City, State], this project aimed to create a contemporary…

Concord Huntington Park

Low water, low maintenance plant material, Raised planters for community gardening

Mulberry Retail Plaza

Turf replacement program. Remove turf areas and replace with low water plant material, meandering rock garden for water retention and drip irrigation system.

Ackerfield Apartments

urf replacement initiative, incorporating drought-tolerant plant materials to enhance the property's sustainability and visual appeal.

Pacific Concourse Fountain Conversion

This project involved the conversion of a fountain into a planter, featuring drought-tolerant plant materials, accent boulders, and crushed stone.

Mercedes Benz Research & Development

This project focused on enhancing the main entry with accent pottery, river rock, and low water plant material, creating an inviting and aesthetically pleasing entrance.