Mulberry Retail Plaza

Sustainable landscaping practices that enhance appeal and efficiency

About Project

We are delighted to present our recent project at 8147 Mulberry Ave, Fontana CA 92335. This retail commercial property underwent a transformative turf replacement program, focusing on sustainable landscaping practices to enhance its appeal and efficiency.


Our team removed existing turf areas and replaced them with carefully selected low water plant materials. This not only reduces water consumption but also adds a vibrant and low-maintenance landscape to the property.

A meandering rock garden was installed for water retention purposes, not only serving as a visually appealing feature but also aiding in water conservation efforts.

To ensure optimal hydration for the newly installed plants while conserving water, a drip irrigation system was implemented. This system delivers water directly to the roots, minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency.


The result of our work at 8147 Mulberry Ave is a retail commercial property that shines with beauty and sustainability. The turf replacement program has not only reduced water usage but also transformed the property into a welcoming and environmentally conscious space.

image-before image-after